Bald Rock National Park

Heritage Rich Tenterfield

Tenterfield is situated on the Great Dividing Range at the northern end of the New England Highway a short distance from the Queensland border.

A town of four seasons, Tenterfield has a mild spring with a moderate alpine summer climate followed by a glorious autumn when the many deciduous trees display their russet-gold foliage. The winters combine warm sunny days with clear crisp nights. The perfect time to cuddle up in front of a cosy wood fire.

One of the most romantic and colourful of Australia's frontier towns, Tenterfield is known as "The Birthplace of Our Nation" - Sir Henry Parkes delivering his famous Federation Speech in the Tenterfield School of Arts on 24th October 1889. This Speech ultimately led to the Federation of all Australian States on January 1st 1901.


  • Wineries - Deetwood Winery, Zappas Winery and vineyard, Reedy Creek Winery and Splitters Swamp Winery.

  • Museums- School of Arts, Saddler.

  • National Parks- Bald Rock National Park, Boonoo Boonoo National Park

  • Heritage Buildings -School of Arts, Tenterfield Saddler, Tenterfield Historic Railway Museum

  • Scenic Views

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